Julie Dailey grew up in Dallas Texas where she still resides. Her passion and love for art began at an early age. Drawing and painting were her primary outlets and she spent hours focusing on them and had intentions and goals of art playing a part of her future.  However, well-meaning parents encouraged her to focus on what they considered a more stable path which meant getting a “real” job.  She graduated from The University of Texas at Dallas and subsequently moved on to get her Master’s degree from Southern Methodist University. Working 50-70-hour work weeks in the corporate world soon led to burn out and a need to re-focus her priorities.  Encouragement from friends and family soon found her once again doing what she loved and as a result her work is now found in homes all over the country.



“I find inspiration for my work all around me. I love to travel the world and see new things. Experiencing other cultures and adventures stimulates my creativity and serves to motivate me. These experiences and the things that I have around me in my daily life are reflected in my work. I strive to create art that not only looks good but can incite an emotion or feeling in someone. The greatest compliment is being told that your art makes a person want to reach out and touch it.  When someone tells you that your painting makes them feel certain way you know you have accomplished your goal.  Knowing that someone has taken a part of me into their personal space is so gratifying and humbling.”

~ Julie Dailey

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